Can you say Zaashila


I know that I usually talk about winter sports and winter activities as well as hiking and all kinds of outdoor experiences. But this post I thought I would use to let you in on a little secret that most people are not aware of.

If you have ever thought about vacationing to Mexico there are a couple of places that I would highly recommend.

The primary and for most of these recommendations would have to be a Oaxaca  is a region in Mexico that is actually the poorest region that they have. My favorite resort in that region is a hotel called Camino Real Zaashila.

It is absolutely fascinating and amazing. With huge Mediterranean architecture most rooms actually boast their own private pool.

If you’ve ever thought about a pool vacation, then I would have to say this is it. The main pools offer beach entries and bar service throughout.

When you get tired of being around other people and want to retire to your room, I have great news. Many of the rooms have their own private pools too.

Now, the pools are huge. There may be 16 ft.¬≤. But, it’s a great place to chill.

Many of the hedges offer a bit of privacy as well.

I usually recommend going through Expedia to see if there’s any package deals for that particular hotel. Check on your flights in transportation and you can save even more.

I would dare to say that this particular hotel is probably as close as you can get to going to Bora-Bora without ever leaving the Western Hemisphere.

I believe that JetBlue has a flight directly into Mexico City and from there you can get a connecting flight to Hawaii. The airport is an much to look at, but being that it’s such a small secluded region it won’t matter.


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